A New Look

We have been anticipating our new look and it's finally here! Introducing our new women's canvas line! It features a washed canvas and unique stitching. Here's a look at the Gusto in Navy!

Halloween Style

If dressing up is not your thing, you don't need to go all out with a crazy costume. Just add some festive flair to your outfit.


Baltimore Style Mag


Social Swag Sweepstakes

  Have you heard of the company Denik yet? This cool company sells notebooks and journals with artsy covers. What makes them different from other companies you ask? Not only do their notebooks don some really awesome artwork from global artists, but $1 of the proceeds per book is donated to build schools around the world! Unstitched among other socially responsible companies, have teamed up with Denik for their Social Swag Sweepstakes. You can win over $350 in gear! It is going on from today, August 19-30th, make sure you enter! Click here:  http://l.inkto.it/afjy

Sustainable Tyvek Paper Shoes


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Happy 4th Of July!


Father’s Day Gift Guide

You can bet that Unstitched is on this Father's Day gift guide of vegan ideas from ForAnima!


Get in the Fastlane


Flavor Of The Week